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5 Proven Teasing Tricks That Work Like Magic

March 16, 2017
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April 4, 2017

By the worlds #1 dating coach for Introverted Men - Nick Neeson.

I want to tell you a fact about women that most introverted men will go to their graves without ever knowing.

It’s the idea of teasing women.

Teasing women is one of the most powerful things you can do to stand out from your competition.

Most beautiful women are sick and tired of dating needy and overly nice guys that all do the exact same things… accommodating their every whish and whim, hemming and hawing, kissing up, and following them around like lovesick puppies.

That’s precisely where teasing comes into play.

If you tease women correctly, you’ll stand out from all the other guys like a diamond in a coal mine.

If you tease women correctly, you’ll stand out from all the other guys like a diamond in a coal mine.

But you need to do it right. And in this article, I’ll show you exactly how to do it right. I’ll even give you word-for-word examples that you can start using today – without having to go through years of practice.

But first, let’s talk about the concept of teasing a bit more. The better you understand what teasing is, the better you’ll be able to apply it.

The Purpose of Teasing

Teasing serves multiple purposes in the dating process
Teasing has multiple purposes, and I’m going to lay them out for you right here.

In my opinion, the first reason you want to tease women is because it’s fun for you.

Self-amusement is a quality that women love in men. When you come from a place of self-amusement, you’re not doing it to get a reaction out of her.

Women feel that. The more you do it because it amuses you, the better teasing works.

Second, teasing makes your dates more interesting and less boring for both of you.

In any date, there might be times where the conversation becomes just a little boring. Peppering in some teases during the conversation allows you to keep it fun and interesting.

Teasing builds attraction. It shows her you are not intimidated by her looks, and most importantly it implies that you have choice with women. At the very least, it shows you’re not desperate.

Teasing builds attraction. It shows her you are not intimidated by her looks, and most importantly it implies that you have choice with women. At the very least, it shows you’re not desperate.

Teasing builds attraction. It shows her you are not intimidated by her looks, and most importantly it implies that you have choice with women. At the very least, it shows you’re not desperate.

Think about it. Teasing is in essence a way of breaking rapport. Would a man that has no other options with women have the guts to break rapport with the only woman he managed to get a date with?

Probably not. So, by teasing her you imply that you have choice with women.
That in and of itself creates attraction because of the pre-selection effect.

Pre-selection is one of the most powerful attraction triggers within women. It states that women become attracted to men if they know other women are attracted to those men.

By teasing women, you let them know you are pre-selected.
Teasing also helps you build a connection with women.

When you tease a woman from time to time, it will give more power to those moments when you are being sincere and connecting.

For example, if you teased her a few times during the conversation and then later on you say, with a serious face, “Hey, I really appreciate XYZ about what you just said/did, etc.”, it comes across as much more sincere.


The Difference Between Negging, Cocky-Funny, and Teasing.

Teasing is better than negging and cocky-funny
A few years ago, there was a lot of hype around the concept of negging and being cocky-funny.

Luckily, people quickly found out that it doesn’t work well at all, and the hype died.

But if you’re new to this dating stuff, I’d like to talk about this a bit. Chances are at some point you’ll read about this, and I’d like you to avoid this painful experience.


Negging is for pick up artists and losers
Negging was invented by pick up artists, and its purpose is to lower women’s self-esteem. With her self-confidence down, PUAs think it’s easier to seduce her. Some famous examples:

“Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I love that top/dress. It’s really cool how it matches/complements the rest of your outfit. In fact… I remember I saw the exact same top/dress in that popular secondhand store downtown. It still looks great, though.”

“I like your nails. Are they real?”

“Ew, you spit on me!” (brush off your face).

As you can see, all these examples aim to lower women’s self-esteem. They are not even funny. They are literally insults.

Do they work?

Yes, SOMETIMES they work. But most of the time you’ll get women looking at you with a strange face. Like, “Okay, man, thanks, now move on, please”.

And if you use this on quality women, it’s a straight-up recipe for DISASTER…and I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME!

That’s because negging only works on psychologically damaged women and women with low self-esteem.

It’s also manipulative, and it implies you have low self-esteem yourself.

Beautiful, high-quality women can see right through this behavior and won’t even give you the time of the day.


Cocky funny balances arrogance with humor
The essence of being cocky-funny is to make women laugh using a combination of arrogance and humor. Cocky-funny is one step up from negging. It’s less insulting, although some examples border on the limit of being a neg.

Does it work?

Yes, it does work, but IT’S EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to do it right.

It requires an almost perfect balance between the arrogant part and the funny part.

If the balance tips too much to the arrogance part, you’ll be seen as a jerk and lose her.

If the balance tips slightly too much to the funny part, you’ll be seen as a clown and lose her too.

Cocky-funny requires an almost perfect balance between the arrogant part and the funny part. It's hard to do it right.

Cocky-funny requires an almost perfect balance between the arrogant part and the funny part. It's hard to do it right.

Here are some famous examples:

“Serious. Oh, so is this the part where you’re gonna give me your little opinion. Oh, that's so cute. Okay, go ahead.”

"Don't just look at me and keep walking! I'm not just a piece of meat you know! I have feelings too! Stop and talk to me…"

"Look at this! When you woke up this morning, did you ever think you'd be walking beside/ talking to such a HANDSOME man, right here on (X) street? Your day just got a lot better!"

As you can see they are quite arrogant, and your delivery needs to be impeccable to make it work.

Most guys completely mess up the cocky-funny stuff because it’s so difficult to do it right.

If you use it, you’ll get a good reaction about 20% of the time and 80% of the time you’ll look plain stupid.

Also, even if you are good at it, the effects are not so great. There are much better ways to build attraction.

And, again, high-quality women don’t react well to this. They see it as a sign of insecurity.


Teasing if fun for both of you
Negging aims to lower women’s self-esteem, and cocky-funny uses arrogant humor to make them laugh.

Teases, on the other hand, are more playful and charming in nature.

They are much easier and ten times more effective without any of the downsides of negs and cocky humor.

They are not arrogant and they are not insulting. They’re just FUN, both for you and her.

In teasing, you are going to imply things instead of flat-out saying it. A good thing to imply is that she’s always chasing men.

For example, you might ask her if she’s still friends with her exes. If she says yes, you say “Seriously? Like ALL of them?” Implying that she has 200 exes or so.

Can you see how this is more subtle and playful than negs or cocky-funny?

The best part of it is, WOMEN LOVE IT!

But it’s important that you do it with a playful face.

You know you’re doing it right if…

• She reacts shocked in positive way: “Ohhhh, omg, I can’t believe you just said that”.

• She punches you on the arm

• She teases you back

You know you’re doing it wrong if…

• She becomes more quiet

• She retreats in her cocoon while on the date

• You see on her face she didn’t like it at all

If you ever get a negative reaction from a woman when you tease, just give her a hug and say “Oh, come here, darling. I’m so sorry”.

That should set it straight.


When to Tease and When Not to Tease

Combine teasing with building a connection for better results
In general, you want to have a normal conversation with women where you focus on building a connection.

On top of that, you want to pepper in some teases to make sure the conversation doesn’t become boring and to spike attraction from time to time.

As I said, it’s about peppering it in. The purpose is not to tease all the time, because that wouldn’t work either.

Just rotate the teasing with building a connection and being sincere.

Also, the more beautiful the woman is and the more sassy she is, the better teasing works.

Imagine a beautiful woman that has men eating out of her hand, and think of what behaviors she’s used to from men. She’s used to have men putting her on a pedestal. Teasing works extremely well with these women.

In general, if you are dealing with a very sweet, young, innocent girl, you probably don’t even need to tease her. She might not be ready for that yet.

Okay, so now that you have a better understanding of what teasing is and why you should use it, let’s have a look at some examples.

Here are five proven teasing tricks that work like magic.


1) Tease Her for Being From the Country

Tease her for being from the country
If she tells you that she’s not from a big city, tease her about it.

“Oh, um, okay, so, you’re…from the country. Well, that’s okay. And so, then, you grew up on a farm or something? Let me hear your accent again”. This is said with a playful face.

Even if she’s not from the country, you can always go back far enough in her family and find someone that’s from the country. An aunt or an uncle or a grandmother—there’s usually always some way to go that direction and tease her about it.


2) Tease her by “Implying” She’s Dumb

Tease her by implying she's dumb
During your date, you can bring up the topic of movies and ask her what her favorite movie is.

After she tells you her favorite movie, you can then playfully say, “Did you understand it?” Wait for a reaction and then say, “Come on, you can tell me…it’s perfectly fine if you didn’t understand it.”

The sillier the movie, the better it works. Let’s say at some point during your interaction, you’re talking about the movie “Dumb and Dumber”. If you then ask her if she understood it, it’s even more funny.


3) Tease Her by “Implying” She’s Always Chasing Men

Tease Her by Implying She’s Always Chasing Men
When you are in a venue with her, you could say something like, “So, tell me, how many men do you know here? Let her answer, then say “Come on, you can tell me... How many men have you been on dates with?

If you are walking with her down the street and holding her hand, you could let go of her hand, grab her wrist, and make her wave at a man that just passed by.

You’ll definitely get a punch on the arm for that 😊

If her phone goes off during your date, you could say, “Oh, is that a Tinder notification?”

Again, you do this in a playful manner.


4) Tease Her by “Implying” She’s Obsessed With Sex

Tease Her by Implying She’s Obsessed With Sex
You can do this in many different ways. Here are a few funny ones.

If you just met her and she shakes your hand, you could pull her hand toward your crotch and say… “Whoa whoa whoa, what are you doing?”

You could also bring her attention to your crotch by holding your smartphone with the lights on next to your crotch. When she looks there, you say, “Did you just look at…?”

When standing somewhere with her, you can also open your zipper and then say something like, “What did you just do? How did you even do that?”

And you do this (say it with me) in a PLAYFUL way.


5) Tease Her by “Implying” She Doesn’t Have Table Manners

Tease Her by Implying She Doesn’t Have Table Manners
If you are at a restaurant with her, you could take some breadcrumbs and put them next to her plate without her noticing it.

Then when the waiter comes to take away the dishes, you point it out and say “Omg, I’m so sorry, sir!”

Or if she makes some noise, apologize to the people next to you.

Of course, do it playfully.

Now, remember, you’re not constantly teasing her. You are balancing it by deeply connecting with her and being a gentleman. For example, you open doors for her, help her put on her coat, etc.

If you mix the teasing with gentlemanly behavior and deeply connecting with her, she’ll become ADDICTED to you. Women love it THAT much.



Teasing is a way to spice up your conversations and spike emotions of attraction in women.

There’s a difference between negging, cocky-funny humor and teasing.

Negging and cocky-funny don’t work on quality women, but teasing does.

There are two important things to do that will make your teases work even better.

First of all, you need to tease in a playful way.

Second, and this is CRUCIAL, you MUST mix it up with sincerity and deeply connecting with her.

If you only tease her, she’ll see you as immature and she’ll lose interest in you.

To help you with that, I have a killer bonus for you that goes hand-in-hand with this post. And the best part is that it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE.

It shows you how to perfectly balance out the teasing by deeply connecting with her.

In fact, it goes further than just deep bonding. It creates a SOULMATE CONNECTION and even LOVE with women. I call it “The Soulmate Formula”.

Here’s what you get inside this TOTALLY FREE BONUS:

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What are your best teases? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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